Friday, December 5, 2014

To Whom To Share, To Whom Not To Share? This Is The Question That Haunts Me. . .

Contemplating this project, I had a hard time getting three people. After I did, though, more names started popping up in my mind! I'm excited for a few of these people to read these essays. But I also miss my distant friends, so I'm more excited to talk to them again.

1: A good friend, Gavin H. Gavin is a high school friend that I have kept in a lot of touch with since I graduated. I have been helping him with his homework, and talking with him about his life a lot already, so it will be pretty easy for me to approach him about my essay. I would rather read it out loud to him, which I could see him next Saturday to do so.

2: A close friend, Karen H. Karen is a really good friend that I have made over quite a few months, but we've gotten closer more recently. She is one that I would probably share the link to, over Facebook to watch the video. I would also include the playlist, so she could see everyone's videos. I think she would really like it. She is also another one that I could easily share to, so I wouldn't need to do too much extra effort. I really look up to her, and value her opinion, so she is a great option for me.

Kendra F.
3: My friend Kendra F. I would rather her read the essay on her own time, than have me read it to her. She is also another friend that is from high school. I haven't kept in touch with her as much though, so I would have to text her and see how she's doing. I would do that for a while (a few days, at least) before I would bring up the essay. But she would be a great person to give feedback.

4: A distant friend Morgan C. I knew her my junior year of high school. She moved away the next year, so I haven't kept in contact with her as much. She separated herself from social media, and got a new cell phone number, but she checks Facebook pretty often. I could probably get her number if I messaged her on Facebook, and get updates on her life. She is a non-member, so the Book of Mormon aspect might interest her or push her away. When I knew her she was interested in the church, but I don't know how she feels about it now. I would definitely have to get to know her again before I would feel comfortable sending her the links to both the videos and essays (videos first.)

5: A former teacher, Shawna B. Being from a small town, everyone knows everything. Mrs. B was really close with my family, and so she knew what went on in my essay. I would like to send her this link to my essay; she always seemed to like my writing. She graduated from BYU and teaches English. She would be a great person to get feedback from.

6: A former teacher, Liz S. Liz was one of my best friends during my senior year of high school. She was a great mentor and teacher; really shaping my life. I haven't kept as much in touch with her as I would have liked to. I have seen her often since graduation, but not enough. I would have to text her (she was also an advisor to my Student Government class, so that is why I have her number. Not to be creepy or illegal or anything...) and see how she is doing before I would send her a link to just my video.

7: Ephraim T. One of my friends who is serving a mission right now. I would like to send him the essay and pictures from Keegan's posts. Ephraim is serving in Tahiti, so I'm sure he would relate to this essay. I think it would also help him recognize the beauty of where he is serving and the people around him. He would really love this essay.

8: Todd F. I would share with him Clark's essay about not eating the stale donuts. I would read him this essay the next time I go home. Todd would really relate to this essay, because he has told me a story about one time he went home teaching. The guy they were visiting offered Todd a peanut from a large bowl in the middle of the table. After he declined, the guy told him he just liked the chocolate on them, and he didn't like the peanuts. The guy had sucked all of the chocolate off and put the peanut in the bowl to offer visitors! He was really glad he didn't take one. So Todd would really get a good laugh out of this essay.

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  1. I love you have detailed you were in every step of the action plan-- it think it shows the validity of why you are sharing it with each person, and will probably make it easier to share with them. Like when you share it with Morgan and Liz you can share with them the how their friendship helped you at that time in your life. And I think the essay will therefore be so meaningful to them..which could lead them to sharing this with others or reading the Book of Mormon.