Friday, December 5, 2014

It Can Be Fun

1. Mission friend: The missionary known as "Elder Clark" might find my personal essay of interest. I've shared with him before how I handled the situation we were in but he may find more insight into how it's affected my life ever since. I would share it with him through email, since he's not very active on any social media.

2. My mission president: I've also told him several times about my experience during the situation, but I think I would certainly like to share it with him through the context of just how important and impactful he was to me at that specific time (not to mention the rest of my mission). I would probably have to email it to him.

3. My girlfriend: I'll share my video about Darren's essay and the essay itself, as its themes of friendship would resonant strongly with her. She values friendships a great deal, sometimes longer than I would expect a sane person to do so. She would probably find a lot to like in Darren's description of his friendship with Brother Miller.

4. Twitter: Everyone that I feel would appreciate the story and not just ignore it, are on Twitter, so I would probably post it on there for whatever followers I have that would be interested.

5. Sister: I wasn't as open about the situation with my family, or at least about my actual feelings during it, so I feel like they would really learn a lot about me through it. My sister lives closer so I could more easily share it with her face-to-face.

6. Parents: Again, they really don't know very much about how I was affected by the incident personally, so this may be something they would really want to read, and not just read it because I'm their son.


  1. I like how the action plan includes them getting to know you better. Because you didn't want to talk about it as much, finally opening it up may make great memories for your family and friends, and deeper connections.
    When I shared the memory I don't talk about very much, my friend and I were able to deepen our relationship more.
    I encourage you to follow through with sharing it with your family, I think it will really have an impact on them. And it could lead to more personal stories from everyone.

  2. I like the idea of taking it to the twitter machine. That is also what I plan on doing. That way it can be spread to nonmember more easily I feel.