Monday, December 8, 2014

Spreading Insanity

I originally wasn't going to share my essay with anyone personally. I am more the type to post something on a blog, and be completely ignorant as to who finds and reads it.
I enjoy being the phantom blogger more than a public face when it comes to my writing.
So this action plan is critical for me.

1. Kyna -- My last mission companion. We were best friends, and because she recently returned I've been wanting to get in touch with her. Now that she's been back for almost a week, i feel i'll be able to catch up with her. I know'll she will read it because she's been liking my posts on FB, and responding to my text messages. And I often listened to her poetry on the mission.

2.  My mother -- Of course I'll share it with my mom. She is the reason that I got to play the violin, or that I even succeeded. She was at every lesson and rehearsal, she sat by me every morning when I practiced. I think this would be an appropriate way to appreciate and thank her for her sacrifice. I'll send her the link to this blog so if she is interested can read everyone's essays.

3. Bronson -- just because he is my best friend, i know he'll listen. I read another version for him, and showed him a few other drafts of my essay and asked him for his opinon of how to apply the Book of Mormon in my essay. I know he would share it with others if I asked him too. I know he'll give me feedback because he'll want to help me. I'll share with him the video and essay in person.

4. Hayley -- My roommate. She has been my very faithful friend, and we talk about everything with each other. We usually shut our laptops and turn off our phones and have good quality conversation daily. I love that. Lately, Hayley's has had some troubles with her major, going back and forth between deptarment chairs to accept her petition, and its kind of uprooted everything she's done recently. I think my essay will be relatable to her, and find alittle more peace during this time.

5. My Blog -- I want to share it on here, because I know there are alot of people that I don't know or talk to personally daily that read my blog. Old friends, and friends of friends, and my sisters. I'd like them to see what I am doing. Because my video is quick and my essay isn't super churchy, I feel like its appropriate to put on a public audience.

6. Just an average Mormon / Jessica -- My cousin Jessica runs a site where average mormons share experiences on this blog for others to read. About daily lifes experiences that have religious tie-ins and aspects. I've posted previously on this blog (Actually the first draft of this essay), and I got some great attention and feedback.

7. Claudia -- a less active member in Argentina that I taught on my mission has been contacting me almost daily. She needs alot of help, and so I can't wait to share Viri's video and essay with them (Thats why I am so glad its in Spanish), because there is a a great audience we can connect with. I will share it with her on Facebook because thats how we communicate. 


  1. That's awesome that you are reaching out to Claudia and that the Spanish essay will help her!
    You gave some really good people to share with: people you know and will listen. The action plan is obtainable too, that's always good. I'm excited to hear how it goes!

  2. I like your idea to share it with your cousin Jessica and have her post it on her site. I think that is a really good idea to get it more out there. That way more people can watch it and share it and spread it with more people.