Friday, December 5, 2014

Friends in Low Places

  1. My girl friend Madeline: She is just working right now, and not enrolled in school. She eats most my food which means I cook for her more than she cooks for me. I think I can convincer to her take a minute and read my essay. She is from the city I served so she may have some understanding of what its about.
  2. My grandpa Snow. He taught elementary school for about 40 years. He has been retired for a few years now. I recently was asking him about the life of a school teacher and the benefits and disadvantages. Perhaps having him read my essay would let him back into a world he dedicated so much time to.
  3. My Mission President: President Ware was new half way through my mission. I got to work with he and his wife as they were brand new in figuring out the ways of the mission. We had a lot of emotional experiences together. Reading my experience of coming home may help him know how to help other missionaries. I will probably email this to him. 
  4. My roommate Christian: He was on the same plane home with me from our mission. I would let him read my essay and compare my feelings of coming home to his feelings and experience.
  5. My convert Carrie: She is like a mother to me I spent about 10 months in my mission associating with she and her family. It was a great experience to see them over thanksgiving break at the movies in Washington. It was a wonderful surprise. I could email my essay to her. Maybe she would feel how much I loved and care about the people there.
  6. My Aunt Rachel: She is from Seattle and married my uncle when he was working there. They moved to a small town within my mission boundaries in washington. So they have an understanding of the area. I saw them over the summer at our reunion in Idaho. I will have to facebook message her and see how the family is. I am sure with 5 kids she can make time to ready my essay.
  7. My friend Cooper: Cooper is from my home ward, he got home from his mission a month or two ago now. I snap chat him a good amount. He is getting ready for school next semester at UVU. I think I will tease him about getting back to some reading and see if he will read my essay.

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  1. Just reading over your post, I could see the great connections you have with each of these people. I am sure they would all love to read your essay, more than just because they know and love you--but also because your essay can connect with them very personally. I think it's a great start to sharing your essay and video.