Sunday, December 7, 2014

Action Plan for Connecting

1.      My wife: I will probably read this out loud with my wife Kennedy. She is very supportive of me and always encourages me to do my best. She attended the funeral of the woman I wrote about and would really enjoy to get a more detailed description of my experience.

    My brother: Jonathan, my older brother, lives in Oregon and doesn't really participate in family events. He works long hours and spends the remainder of his time with his wife and kids. I am not sure how interested he would be in reading a personal essay but he would watch the video clip. I will email him the link to my video and personal essay. Who knows, maybe he will be interested enough to watch the clip and read the essay.
3.       Tyler. My friend Tyler used to be active in the church but after coming home early from his mission he has drifted away. He doesn't use Facebook so I will go to his home and share it with him. He wife is also very inactive and has strong issues with the church. I will also invite her to read my essay and see what she thinks. Maybe it will entice her to read the Book of Mormon.
4.       Jake. He is a non-member friend whom I lived with for 5 months while working out of state. We talked about the church a couple of time and he showed some real interest. I would like to mail him a copy of my essay along with a Book of Mormon. I have wanted to share the scriptures with him for a while; this would be a great opportunity.
5.       Mongolian FB friends. I have a lot of Facebook friends living in Mongolia including members and non-members. I think it would be awesome to translate my essay into Mongolian and share it to my wall a couple times. I could ask them to share it on their walls and have them include a link to This would allow me to get in touch with old friends and hopefully make new ones.

6.       Melinda. Melinda was my dance teacher in High School. She was very active in the church but after she got married had a falling out and gave up. She recently lost her father to old age and I think would enjoy reading this. I don’t know that I would lead her to read the Book of Mormon but it might help her feel the spirit and remind her of her past. She is on twitter, I will connect with her there and then go visit her and drop it off at her dance studio.  


  1. I love how you plan on going to their house and sharing it. It makes it much more personal than if you had just sent them a link to it.
    It's really awesome that you want to share the Book of Mormon with Tyler too, I hope it works out! Also, I understand about your brother, maybe I'll share mine with my brothers too...

  2. I like that you'll share it with people in another country. That way it isn't just "Americans" that watch this video but it can start to spread world wide. Also, I like the idea to go over and share it at their house. That way it's more personal and you can have a discussion about it instead of getting little to no feedback.