Friday, December 5, 2014

Action Plan for Sharing My Personal Essay

1.    My sister, Sarah H. Sarah was going to college far away at U-Penn and always kept busy with internships. I started a relationship with this guy as she was away. I think it would be amusing to hear her remarks about my personal essay. It will be exciting to see what she thinks about the relationship I had made the minute she left. I am curious of what she will think about when I tie in the Book of Mormon reference as well.

2.    My old Math teacher, Mr. Hamel. I was his TA for the class. He became a friend in school as I went throughout the day. In the speech that he gave at graduation he mentioned my name. I imagine it will be interesting to see if he remembers what had happened throughout the years I got to know this gentleman in my story. He use to teach at where the gentleman went to school and he taught the gentleman that I had started a great relationship with. I am curious to see how he reacts to the inclusion of the Book of Mormon as well, seeing that he has no interest in religion. I will contact him through the school since He contacted me seeing how college had gone.

3.    My brother, Mark Harris. He has been with me through thick and thin. I have been there for him through thick and thin as well. He has helped me through my struggles and we see each other almost 4 days a week. I never expressed to him about this personal essay until the other day. He seems quite intrigued to read my essay face to face. I am excited to hear his comments on it.

4.    The social networking online my plan is to share the clip that we make and a link to the rest of the stories or personal essays on Instagram. I notice that I post some quotes from the prophets and apostles and other church members and a couple of friends always express some comments over the quotes and I would be delighted to hear their response.

5.    A friend that I have had and became close with in high school went to a complete different college all the way in Texas. She emailed me to see how I was doing and how life was. I will email her later a copy of this essay and clip to see her response. I am nervous to see what she might think to the tie in of the Book of Mormon because she is strictly Baptist but we became best friend in our last high school years together and are really understanding about both our religions.

6.    My co-workers, Rachel, Mike and Ben. We all work together and learn about each other’s lives as we work. This would be a social networking offline with three of my great new friends I have made at work. I am excited to learn and here about their responses when I will present my essay to them during a lunch break or another brake we might have.


  1. I think it will be a good experience for your high school friend in Texas. It might be a way to better understand why you react to certain things, and it would be a good experience to see a story from the Book of Mormon that you related to or connected with.
    This is a great list, I think you will get a lot of good responses to your essay.

  2. It's good to get used to sharing about the church in a work type environment, because that is where a lot of connections come. As long as it is sincere and approached right, I think that's a great avenue.