Friday, December 5, 2014

Strategy for Sharing Personal Essays

11.My best friend from home, Devin. We always edit each other’s essays and I recently spent some time this week giving her feedback on a paper. I am sure she would like to read my essay and would have good comments, especially on the Book of Mormon aspect, as she is a non-member. Also, I haven’t called her very recently so it would also be a good opportunity to catch up.
22. My Dad. I like to talk about ideas and assignments with him because he always has good insights and advice. I think he would like to read my essay and have a conversation, on Skype or over the phone, about it.
33.My roommate Rachel. She is very supportive and I am sure she would be willing to have me read it to her. I also think it would be useful to share it in person to be able to gage interest level on this newest draft as I’m reading and have an open conversation.
44.My friend Laura. I haven’t talked with her for a few months and I think this would be a cool way to reconnect with her. I will probably share this with her over email, and maybe call her. She also has a bigger family, so I think she will be able to relate to the topic of my essay and it could be a missionary experience as she is a non-member.
55.My little sister Mary. It would be a good way to strengthen our relationship. It haven’t been able to spend much time with her lately since we live so far apart, and I think this would be a way to get in touch and have a good conversation. I bet she would be willing to watch some of the video intros as well.

66.Erin, one of my ward members. I think she could really relate to my essay because she is from a similar family background. She is frank and direct and I think she would share about her own similar experiences and have interesting things to say about my essay.


  1. It sounds like you have a solid action plan that will bring you a lot of good feedback towards your final essay!

  2. I'm excited for the non-members you'll be sharing your personal essay with. I think they'll be able to relate better with something from a friend rather than more formal missionary approaches.