Friday, December 5, 2014

Sharing is Caring

  1. My little sister is in high school right now. She was in the same homeroom as Jared. I think that sharing my essay with her would be a good idea because she looked up to Jared, but didn't really get to know him because of the age gap. I would love to send her my essay in a letter to make it more personal and special for her.
  2. My best friend that held my hand during the funeral is someone that I would love to share my essay with. We live in different time zones and schedules, so I would digitally send my essay in a Facebook message. He can really connect to the experience and I think would give me great feedback on how well I represented the situation and what should be altered.
  3. Someone that I would like to read my essay to face-to-face is my roommate. I think that it would be a great way to strengthen our relationship. I read an earlier version of the essay to my other roommate and it proved to be a great experience. 
  4. My mom is someone that I would love to read my essay to over the phone. She was the one who saw my emotions about this, but I don't know if I ever truly expressed the fullness of what I was feeling at the time because I don't think that I completely understood it in that moment. 
  5. One of my high school teachers was highly involved in both Jared's life and my own life. I think that she would love to receive an e-mail with my personal essay to see and feel the light that Jared was again. She was at the funeral and was with me at his burial. 
  6. I think my brother would love to read Hailey's essay about her Mom playing video games. My brother loves to play video games and would really connect that aspect of her essay. I plan to read this to him over the phone to get an immediate reaction. 


  1. I think sharing your personal essay with people who knew Jared would be a great opportunity to get them interested in the Gospel. The Plan of Salvation is very powerful when connected to stories or experiences about the death of loved ones.

  2. I like how you plan to share your essay with your mom, and how you highlight the ability of this form to more fully express emotions and experiences. Even with those we love most, it is sometimes hard to put words to our feelings and I think this essay allows us to carefully and thoughtfully consider personal experiences.