Saturday, December 6, 2014

Recovering Lost Contacts

Having an action plan would help me to locate my target audience. I’m sure that some people in my network will be more interested in reading my personal essay to know more about the gospel, especially those who are not LDS!
Although most people I chose have not been very close to me lately, now its a good time to reconnect with them... 

1. My friend, Montse who got baptized the same day I did. I’m sure Montse would be very interested in actually reading my personal essay via facebook and perhaps she might feel compelled to write about her conversion as well. Even though Montse and I used to be very close friends, we have been out of touch for several months since the beginning of this semester.    

2. Elder Alvarez who was one of the missionaries who taught me about the gospel. I think he might be interested since he speaks Spanish only and my essay is written in Spanish. Although I’m connected with him via social media, we have not been very close. However, I’m pretty sure he will be happy to receive a link to my personal essay.

3. Elder Heninger who was the other missionaries who taught me about the gospel. We are also connected via social media, but since he lives in Utah, we have been in touch several times this year. I can probably share my personal essay and video through Facebook. 

4. My mother, Rose Mary. Although she already knows about this experience, she would be interested in watching my video and reading my personal essay just because she is not LDS but she likes to read the Ensign. Also, she’d probably be okay with me just sending a link to her email.

5. My young women’s president, Sister Angels. Actually, I think she would be interested in reading my personal essay because I recently asked her for a couple of experiences from her mission for a class assignment. I can probably send an email with a link to my essay.

6. My high school teacher, Ara. She was a great literature teacher and we always had a great relationship. She would love to read my personal essay because she likes to read and also because she is not LDS. I’m sure Ara would be fine if I send her a link to my essay.

7. Finally, I would like to share Emily’s video when she talks about accepting her insanity, just because I feel it’s very engaging, funny and has a message about a path to succeed that I would like to share with my friends.

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  1. I like that you are bold enough to share your essay with non-members. That takes a lot of courage.
    I think it's cool that you included the missionaries who taught you, they'll want to see your growth and success!
    I have a few people in mind that I could share your essay with, now that I think about it. But I'll probably have to Google translate it for some people ;)