Monday, December 8, 2014

My Action for Reactions- A plan for sharing my essay

1. I have a tumblr with a lot of followers. Though I don't know any of them personally I can share my essay with them and get feedback or support. I can do this within the next couple days and hope to get feedback by the end of the week. I also think sharing Mandy's story of an abusive relationship would be good for him. He has depression and just got out of a really bad friendship with his ex that was damaging him a lot. I think Mandy's story would be helpful to him.
2. I have a really good friend that moved to a different state halfway through high school. We don't talk much but call to catch up about 1 time a month. I can mention to him my essay and share it to his wall of facebook this week.
3. My boyfriend is always very helpful with all of my essays, he proof reads them and does the final grammatical check on the majority of them. I can give him a copy of my essay to read and see how he takes it.
4. My friend Madelyn is involved in my essay and is very active on most social medias. I could shoot her a text and send her a link to my essay and see what she thinks of it. We don't usually ever share things to do with school so this might be an interesting change to see.
5. My little brother is really into chess and I think sharing Darren's essay where he talks about chess and his English teacher's reactions. I think he would really enjoy it and it might open my brother up to reading more.
6. My best friend loves stories and she knows everyone in my essay. Her and I have lunch every week and I think sharing my essay with her at our lunch would be very beneficial to her and remind her of her friends that have left on missions.

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  1. You seem to have a good variety of people. Some that you have very close contact with and still you are willing to share it with people you don't even know. It will be interesting to see the difference in criticism from those you associate with personally and those you don't.