Monday, December 15, 2014

"The More You Share, The More You're Gonna Get"

- Song from All Dogs Go To Heaven.

I did get to read my essay to a few people personally and I sent it to a few people.

I haven't heard back from a few people that I sent it to, but the ones I read it to have really enjoyed my essay. One of the readers said she cried when she read it, and she would love to share it with her family.

The hardest part has been contacting some old friends. They will not respond to me, so I'm still working on that. I know she wanted to be really good at Spanish, and I wanted her to read Viri's essay in Spanish.

I have made contacts to see people over the break to have them read my essay. So I haven't completed it all, but I'm planning on meeting them.

Yesterday, I actually used an essay in my Sunday School lesson. I am a gospel doctrines teacher, and we were talking about Daniel in the Old Testament, and how he interpreted dreams. So I read them Mandy's dream from her essay and told them to interpret it. Obviously it was just an activity for me to start into Daniel's story, but I gave them the link if they really wanted to know what it was about.

It has actually been really fun to read everyone's essay and look for ways to share it. I'm excited for the break so I can see the rest of my people to share my essay with.


  1. It is so cool that you used Mandy's essay in your lesson! What a creative way to engage meaningfully with the personal essays!

  2. Yes I agree with eliza. Nice tie into Daniel and Sunday School with Mandy's essay. I hope others will share within their callings.

  3. It seems like a good trend, everyone is sharing essays in Sunday school. I feel like people will really resond well to that. I feel like many people do not relate to the typical scripted Book of Mormon Testimony. This is a great way to help everyone feel like they can relate to holy scripture despite their level of spirituality or belief. I like the All dogs go to heaven reference