Monday, December 15, 2014

Sharing the Finished Piece

Wow did I really enjoy sharing my essay. I was able to have quite a few people read it. A friend from back home, Haley really was inspired by the essay. I loved her response. I let her know of the website or blog to find the rest of the many great essays that have been presented. She was one who I was able to text back and forth. She told me that after reading a few more of the essays that she was inspired to become a better person. She was able to set a goal for her life that will help in a way that will make her stronger as a person. Haley really enjoyed the essay of mine yet she really enjoyed the many more she was able to read. 

Here came Malexy! My great friend Malexy is non-LDS and a friend of both Haley and me. She heard about the essays from Haley and asked if she could read some. She is Hispanic So I referred her to Viridiana's post or essay. She had expressed her interest more and it lead to a greater conversation. 

Mr. Hamel got back to me with an email I sent. He called and asked for me to send me the blog website so that he will be able to read the post I have written. I had given him the 5 second youtube website of the Essays. He had asked to read mine because Mr. Hamel knows both the guy I wrote about and I. He was intrigued with the writing and really enjoyed how meaningful the essay had been. He also liked learning a little about the Book of Mormon. He said " I enjoy that you can tie your religion in with stories of your life."

Sharing my essay was very interesting. I shared on the phone then directly from the blogging website. I noticed that the more I had shared the essay the more feedback I was gathering. The feedback had made my essay seem like it is more incredible then I had thought. I really enjoyed going a little out of my comfort zone to share a life story of my own. Others will be getting back to me later. I am excited to here there feedback and was so captivated by each response from the friends I had made. 

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  1. Wow, that's really great. Thanks for your diligence sharing and for following up. Report any further results that happen!