Monday, December 8, 2014

And It's Going Viral....

1. Family (non-member and member) - some of them have Facebook so I'll share it with them via that or email it to them.  They support and encourage me in everything that I do, so I'm sure they will watch the video if I personally ask them.

2. Roommates - they've been my best friends for the past 4 years so they will watch it.  They both are very intellectual and know how to give critical feedback.  When we're all hanging out we spend most of our time talking about memories and personal experience, so they will enjoy what they're watching and/or reading.

3. Ward members - my YSA ward had a Facebook page, so I'll post it there as well as reach out to people personally and ask them to watch it.  People in our ward are usually posting things on it so I know they'll watch it if I put up the video.

4. High School friends - this will give me an opportunity to talk to some of my high school friends again and share the gospel with them now when I wasn't confident in sharing it with them in high school.  I have specific people in mind to share it with from my high school friends so I'm excited to see what they think about it.


  1. I like the way you left people in larger groups. This shows who really will go out of there way to read your essay. Posting on Facebook or e-mailing can leave it up to them for reading and evaluating. I like this in a way cause your not calling specific people out, essentially forcing them to read. I like it.

  2. I like that you have large groups you are sharing it with because you are reaching out to a larger audience--greater outreach and so forth.
    And I feel like posting something like this straight to facebook is pretty bold, so i feel like many people will take a look at it.