Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Report Draft D- Videos

From our experience recording and distributing our videos in this effort, we saw a lot of potential for more accessibility in sharing as well as several flaws that might be best to work out before the next round.

We saw the most success in sharing video when the content shared was unfamiliar to the contact receiving it.  Having a video was useful when we tried to share other classmates posts with our friends but on the other hand this seemed to add little to the table when sharing our own content as the viewer was already familiar with us personally and didn't need an introduction to who we are per say.  In my experience it seemed to be more effective just to personally introduce the essay over the phone or in a more directly personal way instead.

Having videos also added to the overall feel of the website, as it made the blog feel both more complete and put together. It diversified our methods of displaying the content we worked on. As Mandy said on the report outline, "By having an introduction page we are welcoming viewers to our project and connecting our faces with our names. This personal appeal allows people to get to know us more, and shows we are real people (rather than just students doing an assignment for a class)"

One flaw we saw in the final video collection was that it really wasn't a good way to showcase our diversity. The visual composition was uniform and well-put together, but this uniformity came at the expense of more individualized videos that may have more visually intrigued viewers and prompted them to view more content. As Taylor pointed out, it would have been an asset to have "more of a variety to watch and having different scenes/locations would have given more personality to each essay and video"

In short, despite excellent production in the final videos the lack of individuality in display seems to have limited any particularly overwhelming or response from either viewers or students in reaction to video contribution. From the body of experience in the class so far, it seems fair to say that the 5-second videos were the more successful of the two and that we could easily opt for shooting those short clips alone. If we were to do this, it could more easily be arranged to film these independently and thus promote greater creativity and individuality.

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  1. You are right, the production aspect of the video was done well. Here is a question to consider. Did the fact that all our videos looked the same create a feeling of exclusivity or did it invite others outside our community to contribute?

    Something to think about.