Friday, December 5, 2014

Sharing our Essays and Videos

1.  My family members have the same connection to my childhood home as I do. I would love for them to read my essay and to give me feedback, and see if they have made the same connections as I have. I would definitely show my essay and video (as well as the playlist of videos) to my family in person.

The Keddington's Home
2.  Keddington Family is a dear family to me—and lived just two houses down from me growing up. They are my “second family” as we spent just about the same amount of time at their house as our house. A lot of my childhood memories involve the Keddington’s, especially Alicia and Krista, and it would be interesting to hear their thoughts on our childhood. I would share my essay and video with them in person, or email it to them.

3.  C.C. is a friend of mine who is also a recent convert. We used to be in the same ward, but stay friends and connected through Facebook. I would feel comfortable sharing my essay and video there for her to see, or more specifically maybe even other essays that might fit her situation. I think that Hailey’s essay would definitely appeal to C.C. and her husband as they often play video games, as does Hailey's mother.

4. Sandra is a dear sister in my ward who is going through a very difficult time dealing with a loss in her family. My husband is the ward mission leader, and I am a ward missionary. As such, we have had the opportunity to further reach out and help Sandra and her family. They welcome the help that the gospel brings, and are always looking for more stories to apply to their lives. I think seeing these videos of classmates and their different experiences could be very beneficial for their family. I would definitely feel comfortable sharing the playlist with them. I also think that Tori and Clark’s essays could be very appealing and comforting as they deal with stressful family moments (Tori’s) and deaths in the family (Clark).

5.  Mary is a spunky new convert who gobbles up new and exciting information. She loves talking to people and hearing about their lives. I think she would really enjoy reading and listening to the videos and essays of the whole class, especially as they have gospel and Book of Mormon references included. I would share this information with Mary in person most likely, and then send her the links.

6.  Jack & Paula are my next-door neighbors who are filled with fire to make friends and to share the gospel. I think I would definitely share with them the playlist of all of the videos, not only in hopes that they will enjoy it and learn from it, but also that they can share it with others. They are very busy talking to many people, and I think they could be a good avenue to further share our essays and videos to the people who can relate, and who may need it most.            

-Lizzy S.

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  1. Your plan is very well developed and involves reaching out through diverse relationships. I also think it is valuable that you considered the specific needs or wants of all the people you plan to share with and tailored which essays and media form you will share to them.