Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Process of Sharing

         So far sharing has gone pretty well this weekend. Through these sharing efforts I have been able to make some good connections, and continue to make more and make them meaningful.

       The first people I reached out too was my two high school teachers named Mr. Snedeker and Mr. Tinker. I haven't really been able to talk to them a whole lot since I got back from my mission, but they were always supportive. I shared the link to my essay on the blog, and they were very thankful that I thought of them and shared something so personal with them.

      I also reached out to a ward member from back home that runs that Mormon Faces Instagram account, and she has agreed for when I get back home for break to be interviewed and featured on the account, explaining positive ways to use social media, and linking to our class blog. I've also reached out to some of my family members, close and extended, and sent them my PDF version to read, as they have followed my mission adventure throughout the two years, and this makes a good little epilogue to it.

     I'm still in the process of sharing, still trying to get in contact with some people, but overall so far, the sharing has been a very positive experience. I feel this is exactly what Elder Bednar meant when he gave his devotional talk about social media, and its positive impact it can have on people and their relationships. We just have to have the courage to share, and allow the spirit to work through us and inspire us who to share it with.

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  1. Wow! That is awesome news about the Mormon Faces account. That will be cool to see how it turns out! And it's cool that you still felt support from some of your high school teachers. I bet they really appreciated being remembered.