Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Listen to Every Word

Making the list of people I wanted to share my personal essay with was extremely easy. Actually asking the people to read my essay was extraordinary hard for me. I just could not find the right way to ask someone to read it in a personal way. I didn't want to make the people feel like it was my assignment to get them to read my paper, but I really wanted them to read it and for them to enjoy it. I finally picked up the courage and asked the people on my list to read my paper and they seemed to really enjoy it.

My older sister, Meleah, and I were sitting on the couch discussing lesson plans and what we both needed to do to make our clubs better after school. We started to talk about some of the children's stories and the funny things they had said to us that week and we started to laugh until tears were coming down our faces. I then asked her if she remembered Herber, the kindergartener. She told me she had just saw him earlier that day running down the hall and that she had to really get on him about running down the hall. Of course when she told him to walk, he roared at her and continued on his way. I then asked her if she would mind reading my paper. While reading my paper, I watched a tear go down her face. She knew his life was difficult, but she didn't know how difficult it was. She then got up the idea that we should go get him a little toy for Christmas. We decided to get him a spiderman beenie because that was his favorite superhero and we knew he needed some warmer clothes. We plan to give him his gift on Friday and we are both so excited.

I hope that my essay has the same effect on other people as it did for my sister. I want people to know that children are struggling and need our help. It really does take a village to raise a child and we need to be there to support one another.

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