Friday, December 5, 2014

Sharing a Good Time

      In sharing my personal essay there are three specific individuals that immediately came to mind. The first of which is Bro Miller. He is basically the insperiation fo my essay, and it duscusses many of the experiences that we had together and the many things that I've learned from him. Next is my best friend Zach. After our mission he joined the marines and I don't get to see him much, but he could definately apperciate the story, serveral parts he was even present for as well. Last of the individuals that I'm going to mention by name is my good friend from high school named Corey. He was baptized right after we graduated and then went on a mission and has since been married in the temple. It gives me a good excuse for me to connect with him agian.

      Next I'm not going to be posting this essay on facebook, but I will tweet it out to any of my followers that want to take a read, as well as include some LDS hashtags so that even those that I don't know could take a look at if they so choose. Also I'm going to let my mom and sister post my essay or maybe at least links to it so that my extended family can take a look at it as well.

      When it comes to social networks offline, I'm not someone who tipically writes anything period, and so I'm kind of shy to go and just pass it out in the Wilkinson Center or even submit it to the Daily Universe. I have however been pondering using this in a Sunday School or Elders Quorum lesson on Sundays. This would be easiest by simply playing Tori's video about my essay just to get a taste, and then giving the the link to the essay if they want to read it. Other than that I'll probably send email it to a few of my companions from my mission as well as a couple of investigators/members from my mission if I can find a way to get in touch with them. 

   Finally I'm planning on sharing Ryan Parker's essay with my dad. I'm not exactly sure why, but I just had the feeling that he would be able to connect really well with Ryan's essay, so I'm going to share it to him when I go home for Christmas. I also think my sister-in-law Mikjan would appreicate it and could learn from it since she has been through at lot resently and could use a spriritual boost. Also if she feels inclinded she could end up sharing our videos and essays with the seminary class that she teaches.


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  2. I like the idea of her using our essays to show the seminary class, or even just getting an individual student to read them when they need help. That would go beyond just our classroom and what we can do. I would have liked to read an essay about someone who went through the same thing I was going through, and what they did to fix it.
    I think it would greatly benefit Corey, because he was your good friend. You could also talk about your friendship and what it meant to you when you share with him your essay.