Monday, December 15, 2014

Taking the Time to be Personal

I have noticed through my experience sharing that it takes time. A lot more time than I originally thought. I realized that it is worth it to actually take the time and make a personal connection to share.

So far, I have gotten the most responses from family and those that have shared the experiences I have had. I noticed that people were flattered to know that you thought of them and took that time to invite them to read. I hope to hear back soon from my friends that I have sent them too. In my sharing plan I focused primarily on sharing my own content. Today and tomorrow I am going to start focusing on sharing other peoples essays. I feel like this might result in better participation. We will see.

In seeing the unity that has come about through my own essay within my family, I have decided to start a family blog where my family can share experiences of their own and to keep each other updated. I am deciding to focus the blog in a way where it allows my family members to share authentic life experiences that has helped them in their belief in God. I hope that this side project takes off and that all my family members participate. A couple already have. is my new family blog


  1. If you have made a new blog inspired by our project and it isn't private please share the URL.


    Here is the link to the new URL. it is rough but promising. Each post that is contributed makes a new circle to share.