Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Draft Report. J. Doing it Better

This project has been effective in many ways, however we see a few ways that it could be improved in the future.

First we would have liked to become more familiar with everybody's essays. This could be done by allowing more class time to share our work with others. This would have improved the sharing process because we would better know who we could share with and what we have to offer the people in our lives.

It would have been helpful to have a more cohesive end goal in mind when we started the process. If we went into the process with the idea of sharing meaningfully with other people it would have changed how we would have started our essays.

The addition of The Book of Mormon content into our essays felt limiting to the writing process. If we were able to include The Book of Mormon in ways other than connecting our essay to a story we feel we could make a stronger and deeper connection. That aspect of the essay wouldn't read as forced if we could have more freedom to make it meaningful for us.

The five second video would have been more effective if it was separated from the group and placed with our essay instead of strung together with the rest of the class. Another aspect of the videos that could be improved is individualizing the backgrounds. That would improve the personalization of these videos. The videos could be more dynamic if pictures, or other content were added in, so it wasn't only a talking head. This could create more interest in actually reading the essay underneath the video.

With the goal of sharing our essays in a meaningful way in mind, it would have been beneficial to develop a sharing plan from the start. If this was created in the beginning of the process we could have focused more on developing our essays and sharing plans to work together.

Sharing our class blog at the beginning of the semester could be helpful in developing consistent readers. If we shared our blog posts throughout the semester on social media people might become more interested in what we are doing and the stories we are developing. This could lead to more people reading our final product.

We experimented with humor in reading and writing in that genre. We felt we could have developed a better sense of writing in other genres through having specific prompts to work with throughout the semester. Having specific prompts would have provided a better venue for experimentation with our essays and would have allowed students to figure out what genre they work best in.

This project has so much potential to do good in the lives of the student's writing and in the lives of those who they share their writing with. We think it has done a lot of good in our lives and hope that the adaptions we have suggested will yield even greater results.

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