Saturday, December 13, 2014

How Sharing has gone for Me!

I followed my sharing plan, and shared with the people I had thought of before. To be honest, I got nervous to share it with some of the people. I wasn’t sure how to bring it up, or what to say. But I went for it anyway! I think I was most nervous with sharing it with the people in my ward who I work closely with…I wasn’t sure the best way to bring it up or share it. Since I interact with them often, I figured I would just send them an email (since we correspond that way too). I sent some emails, sharing my essay, others’ essays, or all of the essays in general depending on the person. I haven’t received any response from them, however. So I will try to follow up with them tomorrow when I see them next.

I also shared my essay and video with my family. I was surprised at their responses. I was honest with them, and told them that I didn’t feel like my essay was where I wanted it to be, but they all thought it captured our previous home and some of the memories perfectly. This was by far the most rewarding group to share it with. Even if no one else gains anything from reading my essay, I’m grateful I wrote it. For me and for my family, it is full of wonderful memories that definitely needed to be written down somehow. My parents were touched (my mom said they even got choked up!!—I wasn’t even intending for that). But I think for them, it was nice to read, but in a different way. They created my home, and that environment for me. I think they were grateful for my gratitude towards them, and that I had and do feel that way. My brother Jake was also very excited about it. I brought up some memories and details that he didn’t remember. So it was a fun treat for him! And he was excited for me to share it on Facebook so the “family friends” who own the house now could see it and just be reminded that he wants it for good reasons!

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I also was able to share my essay with my friends who I grew up with. They really enjoyed it. And I was surprised, because after I shared it with my original “share plan” group, I decided I would post the link on Instagram and Facebook too—just to get it out there a little bit more. And I was surprised at the people who have read it and commented on it. I had people from my childhood ward read it and it brought back memories for them. I had my older sister’s friend (who is 11+ years older than me) read it—and she remembered coming to my house before and after the remodel, and she enjoyed it. I even had cousins, in-laws, and others read it who enjoyed it and who had some great memories of their own to share. (Which was fun to hear from them and their memories.)

Thus far, it has been a very rewarding thing. I was apprehensive about putting my work out there, but it has been very fun to connect with people over it!

-Lizzy S.

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  1. Great efforts and impact with the appropriate people. Nice to post that screenshot, too.