Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Good and Bad

I put my sharing plan into action and there were both good and bad things that came from it. I guess most of the negative was personal. Some people are really difficult to get a hold of! Especially this week. I guess it just meant that a few of my hopeful contacts fell through. There were some positive reactions, however, which I have gotten so far.

The easiest ones were the close to home ones. The best friends; the family. My fiancee has been with me through the entire writing process and it was really great for her to see the finished work. She was surprised at the quality of the video and glad to see that some of her suggestions had been implemented.

The best outcome so far was with my buddy, Anthony. He is not a member and so I was very curious to see how this would turn out. Although he made sure to tell me he has no interest in the Book of Mormon, he explained that my essay did make him a little curious. He emphasized the little. Well! Couldn't have asked for anything more, right?
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