Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sharing Just Got Personal

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I am excited to share my personal essay and introductory video by using social media! I have never done something like this before and so this is a big experiment to me to see how effective it is and how people will respond. I want to share this not only publicly, but on an individual level with people who know me personally. I plan on sharing it with the following individuals:

1.       My fiancée. I naturally share everything with her and I value her opinions and advice. I believe that the personal essay is a way in which we can grow even closer together. The emphasis on religion and the Book of Mormon is also special, but even more because this assignment was written with the intent to share religious things in a more cultural way rather than a preachy way that the LDS are so accustomed to. I’ll talk to her about it in person.

2.       My brother is living on the other side of the country and is about to serve a mission in Mexico. I think he can benefit from reading this personal essay as he prepares to talk with people every day about the gospel. I believe exploring how to bring up the gospel in every day life is an important skill to focus on and develop. I’ll share this with him over facebook. I plan on posting to his wall about it.

3.       My best friend from High School. Anthony and I were definitely tight before we both went to separate colleges. It’s been awhile since we last talked. Every once awhile we have Skyped. I think this is a good opportunity to Skype again. During the Skype call I’ll tell him about what I’ve been up to in school and let him know about my personal essay and video. This will be particularly interesting because he is not a member and does not like focusing on religion.

4.       My fiancée’s family. I actually haven’t officially met them yet— but I will over Christmas break! It will be my first time talking with them in person. I think this provides a great opportunity for them to get to know me better. I’ll tell them over the phone about my personal essay and then while I’m there visiting in a few weeks I can show them the video in person and invite them to read the essay.

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5.       My roommate. My roommate and I don’t get along too well. He’s a bit messy and he doesn’t agree that the temperature in the apartment should be 70 degrees because “that’s much too hot”. Well, I plan on sharing this with him purely for entertainment. I’m not exactly sure how he’ll respond, but he will probably give me a snarky comment about not caring about my personal life or its accompanying essay. I’ll mention it to him and see how he responds.

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  1. I like the idea of sharing over Skype, or of telling someone ahead of time that you plan to share with them later. Some good ideas.