Friday, December 5, 2014

Dare to Share

  • I met a friend when I was interning with Dell this past summer, and he recently got engaged. A lot of the personal essays that people shared talked about the importance of their families, and I know that is important to him. I remember he was fascinated when he heard that I was engaged. I actually texted him a bit recently, so I think I could find an essay that talks about families and share it with him.
  • My little sister is in high school, and she will be turning 16 pretty soon. One of the essays that I read talked about a couple of girls getting invited to a dance, which I didn’t relate to very much since it’s been a while since I was in high school, and I never got too excited about dances. On the other hand, this is a topic that might interest her. It would be easy to call her up or text her with a link and see what she thinks.
  • I have a friend that returned home from her mission because of challenges with depression, and it has been very difficult for her. I didn’t find a perfect essay to share with her, but if anyone has an ideas I think I could send her a link in an email and she would appreciate it.
  • My personal essay is about my grandparents, and I think that my cousin Scott might enjoy relating to it. He is in the accounting program with me, so I see him occasionally. I could either tell him about it when I see him next, or just text him sometime about it.
  • My MTC mission companion always is excited when he hears from me, and I don’t talk to him much. I ran into him on campus a few days ago, and I’m sure he might be interested to see my essay.
  • There is a recent convert that I met in Texas this summer that I played basketball with sometimes. I think he would be receptive, and would enjoy my essay. I will try to reach out to him and catch up and then maybe I’ll share my essay through a text or Facebook message.
  • A part member family from my mission whose son got baptized always keeps in touch with me and is interested to hear what is going on in my life. They recently asked for my address so they could send a Christmas card. I think my wife and I might send them a card as well, and maybe after Christmas I will catch up with them and share my essay.  

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  1. It sounds like you have a wide range of people to share your essay with and reconnect with. It will be interesting to see how all the reactions vary based on the type of relationships you have with those people.