Thursday, November 20, 2014

Video Experiment

I decided that I would create a video about my own essay, since I understand it and the emotion behind it best. I also decided to not include the element of The Book of Mormon in the video. Here's what I felt about it:

First, I felt really awkward talking about my essay. I think that it would be better to introduce someone else's essay. I felt that I was being redundant because what I was saying is already in my essay. I also felt uncomfortable advertising my own writing.

Second, I was planning on including the element of The Book of Mormon, but I had a hard time fitting it in well enough that I felt comfortable posting it.

Overall, I think that talking about other's essays will be more comfortable and natural since you can't delve very deep in such a short time. As for the inclusion of The Book of Mormon, maybe it would be more doable in talking about other's essays because you wouldn't be explaining as much, leaving more time for that.

Here's the link to my video:


  1. Boom! You rocked it! I thought you highlighted great points of your essay and left a good invitation for others to view it.

  2. Savannah, that makes sense about feeling awkward talking about your essay and feeling like you're advertising for it. But in your video I didn't feel like your tone made it about glorifying you; rather it was about sharing what you learned from your friend. That's an amazing plug and made me really eager to go read your essay. I felt your connection to him and feel more engaged watching your video than I have throughout our experience in class because I feel like I know you a little bit now! Seeing your face as you told your story brought a new level of intimacy and engagement. Thanks for posting and writing such a beautiful story