Saturday, November 22, 2014

In the Details

I was hesitant to share my personal essay with my girlfriend, Jessica, knowing that she was much more familiar with the actual story of the essay than most of the people who read it would. She's met Elder Clark and the Moore family and the mission president (all names having been changed for the story) and she's heard about as much as I could share with her about the experience.

Despite all that, she still found the essay educational about me and my experience with the event.

She felt that the little details of the essay, the way each character spoke, and the visualizations of the front yard and the wheat field really took her there and helped her understand even more about how I handled the situation. She could feel my sadness just through the way it was described.

She noted that I didn't go into detail about the event but understood why since she knows that the event is a sensitive and personal and probably doesn't belong on an internet blog in any more detail than I've given. She also wondered about the Book of Mormon reference and how it might need to be connected more to the rest of the essay instead of just a singular reference.

I probably could've found someone to read this who was more removed from the event and those who were affected by it, but I felt that having someone who did know about it would help me know if I was doing it justice or leaving out too much detail. Despite Jessica's likely biased opinion, I feel that I've done a good enough job of accomplishing that. 

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