Monday, November 24, 2014

The Closet Nintendoer Who Defines My Life

I thought I would have a really hard time making my video last longer than 30 seconds and then I realized that it was really hard to cut it to 60 seconds.  I found it kind of hard to promote my personal essay and the Book of Mormon.  I felt like I needed more time to set up the story, than to promote someone to read it.  Did anyone else have the same problem?  I'm also not sure if the sound works, or how to upload it.  So.... here it goes!


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  2. I think your Book of Mormon story combines really well with the Doctor Mario story about your mom, so well in fact that it makes me really want to read your personal essay. If I were you I would set the video up to be horizontal and fill the whole screen, and I would make sure there was room in the video for something in the background. Also, try to set the camera somewhere so it's not shaking at all. Just a few ideas about how to make the video a little easier to watch, but honestly it wasn't bad, these are just nitpicky suggestions.

    P.S. - I deleted my previous comment because I accidentally had a sentence in there that didn't make sense, haha.

  3. I really like your opening line. It grabbed my attention because there is really no predicting what you are going to say after that. I think that your connection with The Book of Mormon was brief enough that you won't lose the connection with non-LDS people, but it gave enough explanation for them to understand what you were referencing.