Sunday, November 23, 2014

Checkmate's Video Trailer

I chose to do my Teaser Trailer for Darren Torrie's "Checkmate" without incorporating the Book of Mormon.

I chose to focus on the friendship described, and how awesome the essay was on bringing memories to the surface about my own friendships. After about the 100th video, I finally was able to stop laughing at myself, and have my roommate record it, so I couldn't see my face. That's why I started laughing at the first. It took a lot of time to finally get to the point where I could publish a video, but I hope I conveyed the importance of Darren's essay.

Just in case that one doesn't work, here is another link:


  1. Since you were talking my essay I was definately happy to hear that you had fun reading it. I was hoping it would make people laugh. I havent added the Book of Mormon connection explicitly in any of my drafts that are on the blog yet, but it will be in my next version.

  2. Tori, you look so happy in your video. That actually was effective in that it made me want to find out why you were so happy about someone else's essay. You made me want to go read it.