Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sisterly Bonding

It has been fun to talk to my sister about my mom's closet Nintendo habit. She is the one that had described to me her battle stance and some of the comparisons to Captain Moroni. I even got her to comment on the blog! We're going viral folks!

She gave me some good suggestions and comments, saying that I characterized the room perfectly and set the stage well.  I think the room describes my mother, except she is very organized. In talking about my mother, we quickly came to the conclusion that she is an angel of a person and we'll all have to hang on to her coat tails in order to get to heaven.  She also commented that I should talk a little bit more about the character of my mother, so people don't just get the Dr. Mario expert side. I need to make more comparisons between her character and Captain Moroni, but it might be a fine line before it becomes too sentimental.

In reflecting on my mother and her quirks, I have decided more of a wife and mother that I want to be. I'm getting married in less than a month and it is a big life-changer where I am going to establish habits and character traits.  I think it is important to have little quirks and habits of my own to keep my mind sharp and keep me spunky. Or maybe I should sharpen my Dr. Mario skills and challenge the master.  I have had an opportunity to reflect on things that matter and connect with my sister as we reminisce over our wonderful mother.

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