Friday, November 14, 2014

To Baptize by Aaron Guile and becoming something new

To Baptize by Aaron Guile

The title “To Baptize” is what happens, his son is baptized. The title relating to the poem is a great meaningful formal quality of the poem. Aaron Guile helps you experience what it is like to see your son become immersed into the waters of Baptism. The tone of the words used was in full seriousness of the importance to the poem. Each word was very descriptive to what had been happening. There are multiple metaphors through out the poem.

They want to cover him
completely, hold him under till
 he knows deep, Atlantic loneliness

The metaphor he used involving the Atlantic Ocean and the deepness had me think of how important it was for him to be immersed under the water. It showed to me the great importance of being completely under the water for the baptism. The poem involved many meaningful formal qualities to this poem. I enjoyed the title and its involvement through out the poem. I was intrigued with the tone and the importance shown through the words of the poem. The metaphors tied the poem together to me. I enjoyed learning how much more of importance it was to be completely put under the water.

The poem is very descriptive as to what happens when you become baptized. The Mormon religion or LDS religion involves the importance of being baptized. As the poem describes what happens, it also helps understand what happens when you become baptized into this religion. I enjoyed when the poem had said “to bring him forth as something new.” That not only had me think of the Mormon religion but when I was baptized into the religion. I felt that the poem had hit the point of when you become baptized as to what I had felt like coming up out of the water. I felt like I came forth as something new. 


  1. I also came across this poem and read it as well just for fun. I liked the somber tone the author had about this event in his son's life. It contrasted with the usual expressions of feelings we have with baptism of joy, happiness, etc. But this poem, like you said was more serious and somber on the subject of baptism, which made it intriguing to me.

  2. I love the line of the poem that says "they want to cover him" - it is so interesting and it immediately makes me ask who are they and what do they want to cover him with?

  3. Ordinances are some of the most scared and spiritual parts of our Mormon religion. I too picked up on that serious tone, that I feel is very appropriate to actually reflect the weight of the subject matter. Being born again in any sense of the word is not something that should be taken lightly.