Sunday, November 23, 2014

Finding Peace Through Music

I chose to talk about the story from the Book of Mormon that I incorporated into my personal essay.  I tried to avoid mentioning the church or God specifically, however.  I just tried to talk about the story and how it was similar to my particular experience.  I hope I was able to talk about my experience without coming off as being too preachy.

Here's the link to my video:


  1. Your topic is very relatable and the way you incorporated the Book of Mormon felt seamless to me. You made it down-to-earth and I love that you focused on the peace that can be found in music. Great work!

  2. You have a great essay topic, and I would be very interested in reading your essay, because at the very end it just kind of cuts off...and so i sat there , waiting for more, I bet when we do the final projects you'd be able to add more to if, but thats what I was hoping for, alittle more closing to the end. Your beginning can be so very relatable to so many. Can i just say that I think you should go into greater depth about what trials you actually had--i think that would make the video so much more personal and people would feel connected to you and want to read your essay, if that makes sense?