Monday, November 24, 2014

Not the Biological Mother Trailer

My thoughts on this assignment change every day. I sometimes kind of hate this assignment and my essay, but other days I love it! My essay makes me grateful for the life I had and the parents who raise me so it is a very humbling experience for me.

I hope that my essay will reach others ears to allow them to see that not every life in American is perfect. Some people struggle to put food on the table and also struggle with addictions. I want people to know that we are blessed to be in this nation, but we need to help the poor who are also in this nation. A lot of the time (at least I think so) we look to help other countries and do not realize the things that are happening inside of our own. So go donate a can of food to the food drive bins (I know you have all seen those around campus and can spare a dollar) and brighten someones day just by offering a smile and a hug!

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  1. This made me curious to go read your experiences you've had in your family. I don't think I've read your essay yet, but I really liked the introduction you gave. I liked how it was vague enough to keep me curious, but I still know that it's going to be about your family and maybe the struggles you've had.