Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sharing is hard at times

I will discuss the stripling warriors in greater detail. I think I will talk about how young the boys were and how they're mothers felt about them leaving. I think I will also give some details about who Helaman is and why he is the way he is. I am also debating writing about why they are going to war. I'm not sure if that is too preachy so help me decide please!

I would like to change the wording in some areas because it is somewhat awkward to read out loud. I also use some of the same wording in multiple areas so if you guys have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate it. My roommate did not have many ideas for word changes.

My roommate and I haven't been getting a long because she thinks what I do for work is stupid and a waste of time, which I obviously don't believe that. It was extremely hard to share with her my personal feelings, but I think it brought us closer together. This essay allowed her to see more into my life and why I love what I do. I believe she now understands why I wake up at 6 in the morning every day and cry over the children I work with sometimes. She even began to understand why I talk about children all the time to her.

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  1. I am curious why you choose to share you essay with a roommate you are struggling with. I would struggle to ask somoen to was in rough spot with for advice. Yet its interesting how you said the essay has allowed you both to get beyond some of those things. It seems like you may be going a little to much into the Book of Mormon based on what you want to share. That said just look for simple ways to relate and apply your experience to the stripling warriors.