Monday, November 24, 2014

About a Brave Little Stripling Warrior

I chose to introduce another student's writing, while also including the Book of Mormon.  In my video, I speak about Mary Ellsworth's essay, Not the Biological Mother, where she talks about working with a kindergarten class, and comares one of the students to the Stripling Warriors from the Book of Mormon. 

I actually found it extremely difficult to express what I would really like to say about how great this essay truly is.  Maybe I just lack the ability to express myself on camera.  Or maybe it was just hard to do with the time limitations.  

I do not know if I would enjoy introducing my own essay.  I would feel like I was self-promoting.  I did like being able to go back and read through more personal essays and getting to know the authors a little bit better.

And really, go read Mary's essay.  It was fantastic.


  1. I thought you did a good job of expressing how much you enjoyed Mary's essay. Your tone felt authentic and after watching your video I want to go read her essay. Your endorsement gave her story credibility in my eyes so I'm like, "I need to go read that if he felt the desire to share it." In terms of production, your choice to use a blank background was stellar for sharing your message- it was not distracting and made the focus on you, not what was going on in your room. Great job, Romney!

  2. I loved your mustache. I thought it added a touch of class to your presentation but not so much that it distracted from the overall content. After viewing your video presentation I am very interested in her essay and want to go read it.