Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Similar Childhood Experiences

As I read my personal essay to my friend Collin, we ended up talking about how we had similar experiences growing up. We discussed how those situations with our families have affected us and how we see the world. Like myself, Collin also had grandparents that lived in the country. Being from the suburbs of Chicago like myself, it was a very different experience for him. It was a place where he felt connected with his family.
The details and imagery of the farm brought memories of his own grandparent’s farm. It is interesting how the details of a story bring you back to your own past. He was able to see the willow tree in front of his own Grandparents house that live in the country. He would often spend his summers in a farm house in Arizona far from the city lights. He also spent many summer nights at the grand canyon. He had a similar experience dealing with death after learning about the death of his Great Grandfather while in Arizona.

We talked about was to better relate my experience and see it through the lens of the Book of Mormon. During much of the middle of the essay there isn't much of the Book of Mormon at all. I will look to better incorporate Book of Mormon themes into my writing.

Above all, this experience created an environment to share common experiences and feelings about family time away from home. He often spent time in Arizona near the home of his grandparents. There he would interact with his family weather it was hiking, camping, or just spending time at grandma’s house. It were those types of moments that brought memorable connections to each of our families. 


  1. Just reading this also made me reflect on some of the details and imagery of a farm that I once worded on. Something about vivid imagery sparks other people's experiences. I'm interested in reading your story now to see more of the picture you draw.

  2. I like how something simple, like an essay, could spark such a big conversation that helps people get to know each other. Being in college, people don't really talk about their past, except for the high school they went to, and where they're from.
    This post also brought new memories from my grandparents farm that I hadn't thought about when I read your story. But I'm excited to hear more about your Book of Mormon ties you're going to add.