Sunday, November 23, 2014

Checkmate Essay Teaser

I did a video about Darren Torrie's essay titled "Checkmate." I decided to incorporate the Book of Mormon to allow the comparison to be made between the essay and the story of the Sons of Mosiah.

Here it is.


  1. I love this. It was simple but held my attention completely. You weren't trying to say too much, and your integration of the Book of Mormon felt very authentic. Good work!

  2. I did the same essay without the Book of Mormon, and I think I like incorporating the Book of Mormon better. It made it more interesting, and it had a point to it, rather than just saying, "Here, read this!" I liked how it meant something to you because of the Book of Mormon. As an outsider, I would definitely go and read this essay because if it meant something to you, it would hopefully mean something to me.

  3. The length was just right to keep me involved till it was over. I'm going to add in that connection to alma and the sons of mosiah to my next draft. Your back ground scenery was effect to bring in some class to the video without distracting from what you were saying.