Monday, November 24, 2014

Accepting insanity

This snippet is a taste to my connection to Nephi in the Book of Mormon.

After trying many times to be accepted into renowned Orchestras in the state, and with every try I made, I was always cut. Maybe you've had a similar experience, unable to attain that goal at first--but try after try, you eventually succeed, and that is what is even sweeter.

Here is an excerpt to my essay, and don't be silly, I didn't put it up here for nothing, so read the full thing here:

"I brushed my hands across the soft glossy chestnut wood. Little did I know that years down the road I would invest hours every day with this instrument. It would be a refuge, and a friend, and tool for good, and for learning.

I began logging in more hours with my violin than I did with friends or social events. Now, six years later, being a violinist isn’t what everyone else was doing and that dream of the flaxen hair girl was quickly dimming." READ MORE HERE

Thanks Albert Einstein for teaching me to be insane.

Lets all be insane.


  1. I think it was a great hook to get my attention in the beginning, but maybe try to tie in the Book of Mormon a little more smoothly. To me it just seemed a little forced.

  2. Very interesting approach and relatable experience with repetitive tries and fails to reach a dream. I think that the video might not be the best place to launch into the Book of Mormon tie-in- maybe just hint at how your spirituality helped you but keep the main focus on chasing your orchestra dream for the teaser