Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Sick and The Afflicted

It's always this time of year when people start to pass the cold around.  Once one person has it, it can't be stopped.  Sydney got sick about a month ago with the classic cold.  Fever, runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, the cough, etc.  She had it for about two weeks and it went away.  During that two week period, we didn't know if she would have her voice one day to the next.  This amused Jessica and I as we continued to make her laugh....on purpose.  Laughing is good for the soul, yet it seems to have the opposite effect on sick people.  We started calling her "the sick and afflicted" roommate.  So this continued on for two weeks until she got better and we had no more amusement.  Then the karma came and boy did it suck.

Last week, Jessica started getting sick.  She had the same symptoms as Sydney, fever, runny/stuffy nose, the cough, sore throat, etc.  This progressively got worse as the week went on and by Friday she was out.  Full on sick AKA the Sick.  Friday night I was working the high school football game as usual.  We ended up losing and we had to hurry around and get things taken care of so we could leave.  As I was rushing back to get things taken care of, my shoes decided to go for a small joy ride which made me crash and burn.  I was barely able to get up and hobble to my car.  I got home and realized I had stairs I needed to walk up and that took about 10 minutes.  When I finally got inside and put my leg up, Sydney looked at me and said, "The Afflicted".  Alas, it came back full circle.


  1. Isn't karma the worst? And it always comes back full circle. I remember the same thing happening to me with my siblings when we were younger. Great memory! Thanks for sharing

  2. I always hate it when something comes back to bite me, ESPECIALLY with roommates/friends. My first reaction is to just not put myself in a position to be compromised later, but that would lose half the fun of these relationships. So I guess sometimes we gotta take on in the jaw so we can administer something similar later on.

  3. Ouch..sad story..Sometimes the we forget about the afflicted and just remember the sick