Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adding Letters

I sat in my desk waiting anxiously for the clock to reach 10am. Its monday morning and every missionary knows that monday morning at 10am your 8 hours of preparation for the week begin. Also known as 8 hours of freedom. I look over at my companion and his gaze into space of gratitude. He gently closes his scriptures and falls upon his knees. I am instantly forced to work on the Christlike attribute of patience. My fingers instantly begin tapping the desk, painfully I watch the clock go from 10:05am to 10:10am no 10:15. Finally he stands up with the most precious smile on his face. He says “give me a few minutes Elder and I will be ready too”.

By 11am we arrive to the library to begin our weekly emails home. The typing marathon begins with a limited time of an hour and a half to communicate the weeks events home. My mother doesn’t know that my new companion is EXACTLY SUPER 110% obedient to the mission rules that I am now 45 minutes behind in my email. She probably thinks that I have died or something. With 5 more minutes left in my emailing time I begin my last email in a mad rush. The time limit is now up and my companion is directly behind me arms folded with a look on his face of “Elder don’t you know that our time is up?” I don’t think I look that dumb but apparently I do. I proceed to quickly finish my email and log off. 

Ironically it takes us another 10 minutes to exit the library because he has to make sure that every living soul with two legs hears his grand and important message to bring them salvation. You think that is bad? You should join us for our 2 hour shopping at Walmart that should only take 20 minutes. My companion salivates at the multitude of people swarming around the store. He has been commissioned to make sure that every person he has the opportunity to talk to hears what he has to say. Heaven forbid we just be polite and smile at everyone on our one day “off” but no we must have a meaningful 10 minute conversation with each one. Without sharing more you just know that the 8 hours of what should be a break and a taste of freedom is actually the hardest day of the week.There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. This fine servant of God has added letters to the law. 


  1. This was an interesting experience to read. I definitely felt the characterization of your companion come through when you described him saying he'd be ready soon and then when he stood behind you at the computer

  2. Your companion story made me laugh. I like how you described how you just sat and stared at your companion, waiting for him to finish. I'm impatient too, so I totally understood how you felt. I also know how it is to go to a store and spend HOURS because someone keeps talking (although that's not my companion, it's a family member), and rushing them along doesn't help no matter how hard you try. Oh the memories...