Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Roommate Takeover

I open the door to the apartment and collapse inside. What a day it has been. And all I want to do now is relax in my apartment. A few steps in and I throw myself on the coach. Laying there for a few seconds, I enjoy the silence. Then noticing the click-click of my roommate playing his computer games, I put a pillow over my face. It only muffled the noise, but it was one step closer to the silence I so desperately craved.

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My stomach gurgles and I realize how hungry I actually am. Sitting up, I make myself leave the comforts of the couch. With heavy footsteps I walk into the kitchen— YUCK. WHAT did I just step in?? I flip on the light and look down at the floor. It was covered in bits of food. 

Lifted up my foot and peered at the bottom. My foot could have been a sandwich. Little bread crumbs and a piece of lettuce clung to the bottom of my foot. I look up around the kitchen in disgust; the cupboards were all open and the tables, and counters, and floor were all covered in a thin layer of crumbs and other bits of dropped food. Only one thought came to my head: my new roommate. 

Ted was a nice guy but boy was he messy. His total disregard for cleaning up after himself left me wanting to gag every time I walked around the apartment. Trying to shake off my peeved attitude, I walked into his room to try and connect with him on a more personal level. He was furiously clicking away. Wrappers and bits of food shrouded him like a demented throne. It was silent and awkward for a moment. I spoke up, “Are you winning? What game is this?”
But my attempt was thwarted with a quick answer, “Close game. No talking.”
And that was the end of it.

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  1. Living with someone might be one of the few ways to really see all sides of a person. Sometimes like in your story, they don't open up all the way. Did you ever break through with him and have a true bonding moment?