Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Gossip

"I know we're not really supposed to say this... but Elder Tills is quite a climber," Elder Ordoñez begins, easing in slowly to the favorite pastime of the division of God’s Army stationed in Southern California.  "They say President really likes him, maybe enough to be next assistant."  Though startled at his seeming disregard to inspiration, I am glued to every word as he pauses masterfully to adjust his glasses before resuming the stream of scandalously new information.  We all lean forward in the Corolla to hear as he lowers his voice, “Elder Prince isn’t the angel President thinks he is either” he whispers reliably, the words dripping like golden honey from the tight corners of his mouth. "A complete bucket. And the letter he sent to Sister Shaw- I bet President doesn't know about their make-out sessions in the MTC...”  The hour drive to Santa Monica is reduced to an instant as we step out with our recommends in hand along with a new opinion of nearly every one of the 250 missionaries in the LA area.  The morning sure is beautiful I think to myself, wondering how I could have missed seeing it on the drive up here.  "Fetch I almost forgot about Elder Meyers- I'll tell you in the Celestial room,” adds Elder Ordoñez, looking back at me as he passes the inscribed "Holiness to the Lord" before entering the temple.  I follow him, already edified.

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  1. That last line is golden. What an interesting glimpse into the life of missionaries.