Sunday, February 8, 2015

At least someone can relate

So I shared my posts with my mom. Yeah, my mom. But here's the thing--my mom is a professional writer. I trust her literary opinion and advice a lot. And her response to my post "Working Alone" was probably more literary than the post itself. So I thought I'd share it with y'all.  :)

"I love being alone. Really. I think better, am less nervous, and get more done when there aren't people around. Libby was home from school sick all week, and even though she doesn't require much care, and even though I love her very much and I wouldn't trade the time snuggling and babying her, it put a cramp in my style. I got nothing done. And yes, I know that taking care of my baby (10-year-old) IS doing something. But still.  

 "The flip side: as I sat in a baptism today with my husband on the stand, I had this wave of sadness. I am tired of not sitting by him in church meetings. It's been going on 19 years now that I've been a "pulpit widow." Most of the time I don't think about it. And if I had to do another 19, I would. But I'd rather not. I miss him. I mean, I married him because I like being with him! 

 "So I could totally relate to the blog post 'Working Alone.' I loved the self-deprecating humor. I loved the specific details. I would have laughed out loud at the 'Ever After' reference if I hadn't been worried about the fact that you were crying. I want to know who James is. Like Megan (see comment section), I loved how all these seemingly unrelated details came together loosely under the theme of aloneness. And that although they came together, they weren't necessarily happily-ever-after resolved at the end. Or really resolved at all. Because the issue of being alone versus being with others never really is resolved. It is the eternal dichotomy. Isn't it interesting that salvation is an individual matter, but exhalation can't happen alone!?"

See? My mom is so cool. It was helpful for me to read her post because it helped me see what worked in my post. I was glad to know that someone had felt a connection to it, even if it was "just" my mom. 


  1. I loved your comment about your mom's comment on your post being more literary! As a side note, I have noticed in your comments and in your posts that you have a great wit and humor that really adds a lot to your writing so good job! I think "just" mom is the best. I love when my mom reads my work because I feel like she knows me better than anyone so if someone is going to understand my writing it is going to be her.

  2. This is adorable! I love that your mom really engaged with your writing, and not just read it and said it was amazing because you are her child. I think this is really productive feedback for your piece and it helps that it is so personal, too. I really like this.

  3. That's so cool that your mom gave such helpful feedback! I think that is one hard part about sharing writing with those that love us- they sometimes just say it's great because they love us haha. But your mom did a great job with constructive feedback.