Tuesday, February 17, 2015

just, whatever.

I’ll be honest. Basically, I’m the worst. I was out of town this past weekend and had no time to get this done. So, I failed. I ended up sharing my extended post with my mom and sister, which are technically homies, but they’re actually people I would share my writing less with than my friends who I had shared with before (that was awkwardly phrased...). The reciprocation was in the fact I was with them this past weekend for a trip to Seattle and they think it’s just a treat having me up there, so I paid for their feedback in gas money and 28 total hours of driving. I asked for more specific feedback as well, though they aren’t the most specific of people, so that came through in their responses. Anyway, here are the comments from my sister and then my mom:

I am not familiar with Debbie Frampton’s essay Letting Daddy Die. You skip around a lot... is that what she does? Sweat-sheened? With or without a dash? You paint a very vivid picture. Intense and honest. Honestly: I don't ever want to hear dad's 'pep' talks again. I don't remember anything positive about them. But it reminds me of Clueless when Cher is evaluating her friends and how her friend Christian is critical, but only because he wants everything to be perfect. Well done! Is that what you wanted from me?

I will write what I was going to say in the comments: so, I have to ask, are you still bitter? I think your story was well written, it doesn't say how much growth you experienced because of adversity but maybe it wasn't intended to. It ended on a kind of down note, I realize not everything in life is unicorns and cotton candy...I saw the scripture but you didn't reference how this helped you in any way. A good description of real life-I know, I was there.

So, that was fine. No one I’ve shared with seems to acknowledge my questions I ask in their feedback, even though they are in fact specific. But whatever, I guess. That’s kind of how I feel about the feedback I’ve gotten; just, whatever.


  1. Yeah, I kind of felt the same way about the responses I got. Some were helpful, but it's hard to find people who are willing to be openly critical and give me solid feedback.

  2. For real! I think their feedback was good, but unfortunately, I find a lot of people just give reader response instead of topic-specific feedback. It's a little frustrating. Also interesting, I've noticed that when I share with family they are more preoccupied with how I'm doing now, in relation to my writing than the writing itself. Like you family member asked "are you still bitter?" Sometimes I feel like saying, "that's not the point!" p.s. I went out of town too, (and had no internet access), so I commiserate with the failing of the assignment.