Monday, February 9, 2015

Sharing is Caring

On Sunday, I drove home to Layton to visit my family for a few hours so I shared my three posts about an inner struggle, a scripture, and an experience in nature with my parents while I was there. It was really interesting to share these posts with them. It felt kind of awkward to share the posts in person because they were so personal. I know that they are posted on the Internet, but it's very different to know that people can theoretically read them versus watching people reading them haha. Anyways, it was still a really good experience to have people that I know so well read my work. I didn't give my parents any prep or warning about the topics, so they were pretty surprised to read the story about when I found out that my youngest brother was diagnosed with cancer. They said that the emotion of the stories drew them in and made them want to read more. (My dad actually cried a bit, which is flattering.)

I loved that sharing my stories with my family led us into other discussions. My dad and I talked about our mission experiences and how we both can connect to nature. We also talked about how important it is that we have the courage to share our experiences, and especially our trials, with others so that they can be strengthened during their hard times.

Overall, I think that this was a really good experience. Sharing my stories helped me understand which topics others want to read more about and where I can improve in my writing.

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  1. It was weird for me to share my posts with my husband too! I had the same thoughts: it's fine to put this on the internet, but sharing in person is too personal. I had to go to the other room and do the dishes while he read it even though he was with me during my experiences and even though I shared them with a class full of strangers.

    We came to the same conclusions. Our trials can be for more than just us because we can strengthen others by sharing them.