Sunday, February 22, 2015

what I found.

I literally just used Google and clicked around, reading, until I found blogs I found engaging enough to continue looking into. I sound so snobby, but there's the truth. But, here is what I found:

I found this blogger here, , and went through her posts thinking that it was going to be a pretty subtle mommy-blogger but was pleasantly surprised with her boldness. She writes mostly about politics and the up-to-date happenings with the Church. Obviously her posts include her own opinions, sometimes gets a little sassy, but it’s enjoyable to read and think about the things she is writing about. I commented on a couple of her posts but they needed to be approved first, which totally makes sense.

I also found where the blogger takes comments/emails of questions from her readers and answers their questions with her knowledge of the gospel, of historical evidence, and her own experience. I really enjoy this blog because it seems less opinionated and more informational. Again, obviously there are opinions there, but they aren’t necessarily explicit. I think it’s really cool that this blog is working for her—I think my fear in this type of blog would be getting people to ask questions in the first place, but she seems to get a lot of them.

I think it’s important to interact with those who are also in this sphere of blogging, of sharing their content, because it allows us to engage with the now, with the issues and ideas being discussed, instead of hoping someone will find our content interesting regardless of how dated it might be. Conversations are happening whether or not we are a part of them….might as well have something worthy to contribute, right?


  1. I'm glad you were successful this way. What did you search for in google exactly? I think Mormon-based blogs are so interesting, and I'm excited to look into the two you linked here.

  2. I had a similar approach, I just searched in google different blogs. It's kind of cool to see all the different types of stuff out there. I like that you also pointed out that it only makes sense that we interact with each other as bloggers. It improves our writing when we see what others are interested in.