Monday, February 23, 2015

It is all the same

Oh my goodness. I am just going to say. . . this has been the hardest post yet! I am not technical savvy and trying to find good blogs/ find good post was hard to say the least. So I took a different route. As my classmates know, my personal essay is about health and wellness. Well, I happen to have a separate Instagram account about my health journey. I made this account separate from my personal account because I wanted to inspire others with my daily experiences. Thus far I have gotten to know several different people just like me. And. . . They also post about their different experiences they have which are similar to mine. The best part about this is. . . Some of them are blog owners!!! So I was able to reach out to some of these people I have met over my Instagram and read more about them in their blogs.

Blog 1
Nerd Fitness
What I loved most about this blog was that they were able to share motivation through writing not just pictures and facts. This man goes on and shares his experiences he had while loosing weight and how it affected him mentally and physically. He stated his purpose was to inspire others through writing to change their lifestyle. He shares these stories because he wants people to know they are not alone and that anyone can do it. By writing I felt he showed his readers the reality of people who go through life changing experiences.

Blog 2
Fitness on Toast
I loved this blog because she started her blog for herself and her closes friends. She has now one of the most famous blogs in America and. . . She is from Sweden based in London! How cool is that? Through her writing she promotes a healthier, happier you!

Both of my were very simple yet I can compare them to this class quite easy. Mormon literature to me is about truth, and sharing personal experiences through writing. Both are serving the purpose of inspiring others to changed because they have experienced it themselves.

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  1. That's awesome you were able to use connections you have already made to find these bloggers! And it's really cool you've found your "niche," so to speak, for what you can be writing about and sharing. Nicely done!