Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Perspectives

I found this assignment difficult, but also really fun. I loved reading different experiences from so many people that are interested in the same topics I have been writing about. One issue that I found though was that as I started researching different blogs along the same lines as my reading was that I was becoming bored. Bored and uninterested with my own topics. That's when I started wondering if I was writing about the right stuff, so I began searching for other topics that might help me decide what I want to write about.
I started with an "I am a Mormon" video of this girl that had cancer when she was 16 and then it came back. It was really interesting and inspiring, but as I started reading her blog, I started to feel like I wanted to leave the issue behind me.
So my next approach was to search out missionary blogs. I found a few that were interesting, but for the most part, they were just letters that people who personally knew the missionaries would want to read.
At this point, I was starting to get frustrated with myself for not being able to stick to a topic. Then I found a link for a blog called the rmtc, which you can find here.
The writing was amateur, but I found it a lot more interesting than anything else so far.
Something that I enjoy about blogging in general is that people can find connections with other people whom they may have never met otherwise. Blogging is great in that people can share longer stories and experiences with a wide variety of people, which is not exactly possible via Facebook or Twitter because of word limits (whether placed by the creators of the site or by social norms).


  1. I totally agree that this was hard but fun. i didnt really know what to look for but overall I liked what I found. I have often wondered what makes writing interesting: the story, content, writing, etc. You said that the writing of one was amateur but interesting and I think that what makes writing captivating or interesting depends on so many different things. If that makes sense, I am kind of rambling

  2. For me finding anything at all was really difficult. Is there some sort of cache of blogs one can just look through? I don't know. And even when you do find something, you have to take a chance by becoming invested in the writer or what they say will almost certainly eventually get boring. A total conundrum, but definitely a fun challenge.