Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finding MIA

Finding blogs can be a nightmare. I had very little concept of where to start. I began by scrolling through blogs that followed my blog based on the "next blog" button at the top. Fail. Then I googled literary blogs and came up with book review stuff. Fail. Then I went to facebook and scrolled through friends and clicking on anyone I thought might have a blog. Nearly a fail.

But then I remembered Amelia. She and I worked together on the Stowaway Magazine staff for our editing capstone class. I was the Managing Editor and she was the Art Director. We both liked curry and V for Vendetta, and we were really good at supporting each other when a venting session was in need. But that was last semester and I hadn't really seen her since. So I clicked on her blog.

I know we were supposed to find knew people and build the foundation of potential blog-based relationships, but deciding to follow Amelia's blog was like finding a new side of her. The foundation of our relationship was built in person, but the realness of her life's worries and experiences I found while reading three or so of her posts. She writes in a short-burst, miny essay style. By short-burst, I mean she writes a thought leaves hard return spaces allowing for dramatic pause, reaction, sarcasm, etc. and then continues in that same way. When she begins to move into more profound thoughts or realizations her sentences become smoother and more connected. It was fascinating.

I found Amelia in her blog. I didn't expect to do that. I thought I knew her pretty well, enough for a curry date anyway. And I think I was wrong. Blogging may be the un-examined life we place out in the shadowed open for the world to see. But how many of us actually take the time to look? I'm glad I took the time to see Amelia because it turns out there is a lot to see.


  1. Even though it was different, I really liked your approach because you got to know her on a different level than you knew her before. It's so interesting to compare reading about people in their own words versus having them tell us in person.

  2. I totally agree! Finding blogs was harder than I thought it would be! I liked hearing your experiences, it was cool you found someone you already knew and got to know her more through writing!