Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Blogging World

To be honest, at first I didn't really know where to begin my search for blogs to read so I simply entered "recommended blogs" in the Google search bar.  As would be expected, I was given website upon website with titles such as "Top 100 Blogs of 2014" and such.  I skimmed through some of those websites but most were business blogs or catalogue type blogs and nothing really interested me.  So I searched for blogs on Google+ and found one that really surprised me.  The blogger is Liz Strauss and she is an international brand strategist.  Now, when I read her profession I didn't really know what that meant and assumed she wouldn't be writing personal posts but she had a quote posted to her profile that said "You're only a stranger irresistible!"  that intrigued me.  I found a link to her blog called LettingMeBe (  Her posts were artful, intelligent and even philosophical yet also personal.  I was surprised at how much I like her content.  She had about 25 comments on each post and I enjoyed commenting on her writing as others had, it made me feel part of the web.  I was skeptical at first of simply looking around for random people but I was pleased with what I found.

Still, I felt there was something more to be read.  Though Facebook is a closer circle that the Google Search Bar, I decided to see who of my friends kept blogs.  One girl from my Sophomore ward, a girl I have only had a few conversations with, just began a blog.  She has only posted once.  I read her post and was moved to tears.  Her writing was precise yet moving as she described the death of someone close to her family.  I immediately messaged her and thanked her for her post and complimented the aspects I liked.  She responded, admitting that she had been nervous to post her writing and she told me she was in the midst of posting another and hoped I would read it.

Though both different experiences, I have enjoyed letting go of my own writing and focusing on the works of others.  It is rather gratifying.


  1. That's so awesome that you messaged that girl from your old ward and told her those things. That is a bold thing to do, but so worth it. I bet that made such a difference to her in her confidence to write and to share.

  2. You gave me some ideas of what and how to look for blogs, so thanks for that! Isn't it amazing how we can supposedly know someone, lose touch, and then learn so much when we reconnect? I had a similar experience this week. It sounds like you responded perfectly to your friend's post, so good job and keep up the good work! :)

  3. This is honestly what I did! I search for blogs relating to my personal essay and found tons of great Personal Essays within these blogs. I felt like by reading others I could also get a sense in what I can do in my own writing.