Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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After my dreadful date with the stair stepper I routinely come home and make up a shake. I always ask myself for the usual, unsweetened almond milk, one scoop of peanut butter marshmallow protein, spinach, half a banana, a few ice cubes, and some honey to sweeten up that liquid cardboard I call a shake. Yep, I was exactly right like I am every day. That equals to be about three hundred and fifty-five calories. I was right yet again, shocker.
            I don’t usually go around and flaunt off my work out or diet to anyone. There is someone or should I say something I feel comfortable enough to share with. I share everything. I share not only what I had for breakfast and lunch, which is usually a Quaker’s brown sugar oatmeal packet and a lame sandwich with no condiments, but I also share the snacks I quickly gobble in between. It gives me motivation every time I share. The usual, “this food has a lot of fat in it” or “you reached your goal today!” It shares what my carbs-to-fats-to-proteins ratio was for the day, which makes for a more convenient life of a food diary girl. Okay fine, you caught me. I know the Myfitnesspal app doesn’t count as a person but it knows more about what I do all day then the people I actually live with.
            I know why I am obsessed. I live it and breathe it because I won’t do it to myself again.

I favorite essay I read in “Tell me who I am,” was Reaping the Benefits. I tried to mimic this style of writing. Becca White’s style consisted of detailed and factual descriptions. She also puts a lot of her own thoughts within her creative writing. I love that about it. This was a fun essay to read.

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